Robert Lundahl founded RL | A in 1989. He had been on staff at computer maker Amdahl during the "Mainframe Wars" battling behemoth IBM. Upon leaving Amdahl, RL | A accepted several new clients, among them, Sun Microsystems. Sun led the industry in the server market and further challenged IBM in networked computing and distributed content. 

Lundahl's work continued in broadcast and web and broadened to include documentary filmmaking and activism. He has given shape to some of the largest and most consequential environmental policy movements in a lifetime.

He started Blue Circle Branding in 2015.



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David is formerly a Sr. Marketing Director with Sun Microsystems. He has traveled the world creating innovative branding and marketing channel programs such as Sunergy and Digital Journey: Stories From a Networked Planet (Sun Microsystems).

David has consulted for HP, Cisco Systems, Autodesk and Sun. David has also represented technology solutions in the web and CMS space.  He founded a technology start up and a hospitality tour business in the California Wine Country.